Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coconut Lime no bake Cookies/ Злаковое Печенье с Кокосом и Лаймом без выпечки

Very luscious combination for healthy sugarless snack. I shaped them into balls, but they can also be shaped into more cookie like disc shape before putting them to the fridge, after they become harder and will crumble if pressed too much.

1 cup rolled/instant oats
1 pack/25g light sugar free vanilla pudding
50-90ml coconut milk/regular milk
handful of dried cranberries (I had planned to put dried pineapple, but could not find it for several days)
zest of 1 lime
1,5tb.s. lime juice
60g dessicated coconut + for coating

Blend oats to create coarse flour. Add pudding, fruit, coconut and zest, pulse once, pour warm milk and then juice. Shape into walnut size balls and roll in some coconut. Place them into the fridge to harden. Makes 16.

Очень ароматный и полезный перекус (без сахара). Я сформировала их в виде шариков, но можно и приплюснуть их, сделав больше похожими на печенье/ Только делайте это до того, как поместите их в холодильник, после они затвердеют и будут крошиться, если на них сильно надавить.

1ст. овсяных хлопьев
1 упаковка/25г легкого ванильного пудинга без сахара
50-90мл кокосового молока/или обычного
пригоршня сушеной клюквы (планировала сушеный ананас, не нашла)
цедра 1 лайма
1,5ст.л. сока лайма
60г тертого кокоса + для посыпки

Смолоть овес до состояния грубой муки. Добавить все сухие ингредиенты и опять смолоть. Влить теплое молоко и сок лайма, пропульсировать еще раз.
Сформировать в шарики, величиной с грецкий орех, обвалять в кокосе и поставить в холодильник. Получается 16 штук.


  1. Hello Olga! What a lovely person you are with a beautiful blog. I have enjoyed visiting and reading your 'About' page.

    The Coconut Lime cookies look delicious! I think I have all of the ingredients on hand and would love to make a batch.

    So nice stopping by!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. Thank you, Lorraine, I was glad to find yours!@LDH

  3. Olga, I just came across your blog and I want to thank you for sharing such delicious and healty recipes! I will absolutely make these cookies in the weekend and I'm looking forward to that! :-)

  4. Thank you! I'm glad to hear that! let me know, if you make them:)@Anonymous

  5. Dear Olga! I'm a big fan of your blog. Thank you for all your recipes. Now is the Greate Fast time and it is so hard to find something healthy, fast to do for working mommy. Untill I came across your blog I had no idea that there are so many exellent recipes with oat flakes ))))I\ve done this no-bake cookies -they are perfect! Please advise what form do you use to do oat bars ( what I mean is the size and the depth of it). I want to buy one but can't decide the dimentions. Thanks! Olena Borisenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

  6. @Olena Borisenko Hello Olena! We could write in Russian though:) I have two forms for this purpose 26x20cm and 26x26, both work great, the smaller one produces a bit thicker bars. Also, some recipes call for less ingredients, then I just use one for baking bread. I think "brownie" form should be OK. Thank you for your interest!Be sure to stay tuned, as I love oats!;)


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