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Beef with red cabbage
Pallu Basa. Beef in coconut curry
Jachtschotel or Hunter's beef stew
Daube de Boeuf Provencale
Pasta Ncaciata
Hot-hot chili
Ragu napolitana
Asian style beef&veggies
Xmas meat pie
Beef with mustard and pear
Tode in the Hole
Italian ground beef with eggplant
Pepper hash
Beef with grapefruit gremolata
Ground beef asian style
Mini meat pies with prune sauce
Albondigas with rice and green beans
Polpette in tomato sauce
Stuffed aubergines mediterranian style
Green puree and beef burger
Hearty tasty Shepherd's Pie
Winter Stew
Kokkinisto. Greek Beef Stew
Hachee- Dutch Beef Stew
Baked Dutch Meatballs

Pasta with chicken, dried tomatoes and mustard
Chicken in creamy mustard sauce
Savory Southafrican chicken
Chicken drumstics in balsamico sauce
Arroz a la valeciana
Veggies and tuna casserole
Asian style chicken&rice
Moroccan chicken
Pollo alla cacciatora
Florentine style chicken
Citrus chicken
Chicken&buns with cheese
Filipino style chicken curry
Chicken with mint pesto
Mongolian chicken
Chicken party balls
Italian style chicken
Chicken and macaroni
Chicken legs with prunes
Chicken and potato masala
Baked chicken with leeks
Chicken puffs
Chicken chasseur
Chicken with potato
Italian rice with chicken
Chicken with avocado salsa
Grilled turkey sausage with pear
Moroccan couscous with chicken
Indonesian chicken drumsticks
Spicy tahini chicken
Sweet and sour chicken
Chicken avocado sandwich
Thai chicken meatballs
Chicken in orange glaze with bulgur
Chicken with orange zest
Chicken with cashew
Chicken in paprika sauce
Roast chicken with rosemary and thyme
Almost chicken Saltimbocca
Chicken breast stuffed with walnut-cranberry pesto
Orange chicken with white wine sauce
Indian style dinner
Chicken breast in balsamico
Grilled lemony chicken breast with flat bread
Turkey roll with citrus and herbs
BBQ chicken on sticks
Chicken ragu with pasta
Kozhi Kulambu- Indian Chicken Curry
Creamy Chicken thighs with Leek
Caribbean style Chicken Curry with Banana
Chicken Adobo
Stuffed Chicken Breast Italian style
Quick Chicken Paprikash
Spicy Roasted Chicken with Quince
Lighter Chicken Parmigiana 
Yoghurt Baked Chicken
Honey Soy Glazed Salmon
Chicken and Mushroom Loaf with Cheese
Chicken Sauté in Peanut Sauce 

Flemish red cabbage
Mediterranian soup
Winter minestrone
Aubergine Gateau
Risotto with mushrooms and spinach
Stamppot with carrot
Broccoli cream soup
Indian spicy rice
Pasta with olives
Rigatoni with champignons and broccoli
Rigatoni with chicken and mushrooms
Pasta with brussel sprouts and sausage
Pasta with zucchini and tomato
Chicken fajitas
Trenette with parsley-olives-lemon paste
Pasta with mushroom ragu
Asian style noodles
Pasta with nuts
Mushroom risotto
Pasta with tahini sauce
Pink risotto
Dutch baby (pancake)
Farfalle with avocado
Linguini with mushroom and zest
Mushroom souffles
Leek and bacon cream soup
Penne with sun dried tomato pesto
Lemony risotto
Olive and tomato penne
Risotto with peas and sheep cheese
Pennette with beetroot
Penne with leeks, spinach and cheese
Leek and bacon risotto
Malfatti with tomato sauce
Aubergine and sheep cheese pasta
Spaghetti with peas, ricotta and sausage
Spaghetti with neapolitan sauce
Vegetable lasagne with ricotta
Stracciatella soup
Pasta with almond and parsley
Carrot soup with dukkah
Tomato soup with chicken
Bulgur with Vegetables and Mint
Pasta with Peppers and Cottage Cheese
Cauliflower Soup with Swiss Cheese
Ricotta Gnocchi with Garlic
Baked Stuffed Tomatoes and Pasta
Roasted Pumpkin Pasta with Meatballs
Red Lentil Soup
Easy Fried Rice
Creamy Penne With Garlic
Walnut Sauce Pasta
Pasta with Roasted Balsamic Vegetables
Turkish Aubergine Soup
Turkish Yoghurt Soup
Pizza Pancakes
Pasta w/Tomato, Spinach and Pesto
Pasta with Mushrooms and Aubergine

Bhaji. Indian vegetable curry
Broccoli affogati/sicilian snack
Bhaji. Indian vegetable curry
Refreshing medeterranian salad
Flemish red cabbage
Salad with dates, walnuts and pear
Carrot hazelnut salad
Couscous salad
Roasted vegetables and beans salad
Flatbread with grilled vegetables
Mexican bean salad
Salad with avocado and sausage
Salad with grilled cheese, parsley and peas
Pumpkin walnut salad
Greek omelette
Easy mediterranian lunch
Penne con fagiolini
Avocado wrap
Green beans and pennette frittata
Frittata with chicken and green beans
Salmon and veggies terrine
Potato and mushroom pot
Chinese steamed aubergine salad
Fennel, peach and walnut salad
Goat's cheese salad
Peynirli Menemen/Turkish Omelette
Roasted Cauliflower with Walnuts
Root Vegetable Soup
Red Bean Burgers
Grilled Mushrooms with Olives
Pasta Salad with Lemon Zest and Pistachio
Rocket, Ricotta and Olives Salad
Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad
Feta Stuffed Baked Peppers
Strawberry Basil Ricotta Salad
Buckwheat and Cheese Pancakes
Roasted Plums and Cheese Salad
Spicy Carrot Dip

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